Amongst our Realisations:

"The various missions of consulting and support in Quality Assurance and Software development Methodology mandated by ALCATEL to SOFT METHOD were all held to the entire satisfaction of the various staff and management, the objectives have been achieved on time and within budget.

SOFT METHOD Company has implemented its expertise with great professionalism in our organization in an efficient and flexible way

These elements allow me to highlight and confirm the very positive aspects of this collaboration, initiated by ALCATEL with SOFT METHOD since 1997.

In particular Patrick Sarfati has successfully supported the organization and coordination of the renewal of our ISO 9001 certification on a multinational Telecom perimeter

Gerard Vanderschooten took over TQE1 Certification (close to the TL 9000) with the same success

Jacqueline Lautmann ensured  the quality assurance of corporate projects, improving the development process and the implementation of RUP / Rational Unified Process).

These missions have been fully met and objectives achieved.

Quality Manager ALCATEL

"Let me express my complete satisfaction to have collaborated with Patrick Sarfati (from SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING) in our recent contractual engagements.

Patrick demonstrated energy, creativity, engagement and a high level of competence, with a consistency I seldom have the pleasure to encounter.

I highly recommend Patrick for various related missions:

  • Setting up organizational frameworks, operational structure,
  • Implementing quality systems and monitoring their execution once implemented
  • Managing and controlling complex projects involving multicultural teams based in various geographical locations

I would look forward to working with him again with immense pleasure and complete confidence.

Jean-Jacques BOSSARD


HP Competency Center France

I hereby want to express my strong appreciation of the work done by Patrick Sarfati in the improvement of our R&D process, starting with the redefinition of our Quality Management System, and ultimately leading to the CMMi Level SCAMPI class A certification of our product organization.

Not only did Patrick provide true seniority and leadership in implementing a completely updated Quality Management System and new set of processes, but above all he has been extremely instrumental in making them a reality in the day-to-day execution of our projects, coaching the individual project managers, both in our French and Indian operations, and helping our Quality Manager become the full time leader of this activity.

Patrick has the very rare blend of deep technical expertise, seniority on process theory, and the operational experience and personal contact that makes his skills translate into an efficient implementation. We were able to directly experience the improvement of our projects, and therefore assess a true return on investment from Patrick’s mission.

I will gladly be a reference contact for anyone who would wish to use Patrick Sarfati services.

Jacques Conand

Director OpenView OSS Products

HP Software

Sophia-Antipolis, France


"SOFT METHOD Consulting Company provided to us best quality support. Thanks to them, we got the worldwide first successful CMMI Certification (SCAMPI A) for Hewlett Packard in the Software domain at the first shot.

The implementation was elaborated to meet our real project needs. For that purpose, Patrick Sarfati implemented the fundamentals of Project Management (Risks, Dependencies, Milestones, Issues Management) altogether with Unified Process (Iterative) implementation. This was quite a very challenging job. Patrick managed that very professionally and I do think that without his strong support, it was impossible.

For our most challenging software development projects, Patrick implemented SCRUM altogether with eXtrem Programming to ensure a positive change of team spirit.

As a result, we delivered in time with an increased visibility and predictability and in best quality due to Test Driven approach and a set of automatic unit tests (JUnit).

Patrick was also successfully Coaching our PMI certified Project Managers all along this SCRUM and XP CMMI certified implementation.

In 2006 we were in the lead companies to successfully combine CMMI and Agile approach.

I strongly recommend SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING for CMMI, Project Management and Agile Methodology Consulting, Coaching and accompaniment.

Philippe Tabone

HP CMS OSST Factory Consulting Manager
and HP Quality Manager at certification time



Senior Director, Products, Numara Software

Without the support of SOFT Method for the implementation of SCRUM we could not fulfill our commitments on what has become the largest version of our Software.

We had to master all the projects, work in order of priority, anticipate testing at the earliest and regularly give visibility to our teams in the United States.

We were accompanied in a pragmatic and effective way by Patrick for 5 days of training and coaching on our project, for an implementation that has fully met all its objectives.

“In 2 days Soft Method Engineering helped us applying SCRUM in our first agile project.

It was very efficient as we had :

•a training for more 20 of our managers and engineers.
•and immediate application on our project of all concepts applied exactly to our needs

As a result the first sprint reached 100% of our schedule scope and quality target

In only 2 days Patrick trained us and coached tightly the Team on:

•Scrum whiteboard
•The daily meeting , related status and reports
•Release and sprint planning
•Scrum tools
•Scrum reports and status
•And much more as a result of an audit of our project

Patrick then did not stop after our Sprint Start, but is continuously coaching us by phone, Email and chat all along the questions we have he anticipated “

Bruno Derossi

Director AMADEUS Antwerpen

"Patrick from SOFT METHOD Consulting company was able to explain Agile and Scrum concepts in a way that was quickly grasped by a varied audience of managers and developers.   He presented the subject in an entertaining and compelling format, that made it clear we would all benefit from an Agile approach.   

I have 4 years experience as a scrum master,  but  still picked up several interesting new ideas from Patrick's innovative  course. "

Richard Williams

Experimented Scrum Master in London

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