SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING is a leading provider of Project Management Consulting, since 1995.
Based on the SOFT METHOD Expertise and methodological Framework, we have helped many Project Managers to excel in their role and to lead their projects to success.

We assist our customers in resolving Project Management challenges, by providing:

Professional Coaching
On-Demand Contractors and Strategy Consulting
We gather our great knowledge to coach Project Managers, from beginners to PMI-Certified, on very Challenging Projects. We have 100% success driving back on track to success Projects which were in difficulty.
We work with various high-tech companies: from small start-ups, through large and international companies.
Our Project Management  Services cover:
MSP (Microsoft Project) - Coaching and Training
Earned Values - Coaching and Training, Be in full control of your Project with few key significant KPI: Cost Variance, Schedule Variance.
Project Plan - How to make a reliable Plan
Project Planning - How to make an efficient Planning

Project Monitoring and Control - Be in full control of your Project scope, cost, schedule and quality. Get ETC and % Complete.

Risk Management - Anticipate and Mitigate your Project Risks to fully Success. Drive your Project Management with the Management of the Risks.
Agile Project Management - While applying the fundamentals of Project Management (e.g. PMI) we can accompany your organization to apply the concepts of agility which intensifies the relation with your customer, ensuring what will be delivered fully satisfies its real needs and getting higher involvement and energy from your own project teams.

Agile Project Management is focused on early customer feedbacks based on regular intermediate deliveries, flexible scope and schedule, team empowerment and early testing.
Test Driven Development - TDD helps to ensure a good interpretation of the requirements –implementing the right feature desired by the customer- and to enforce code quality, maintainability and evolution
Use Case Driven approach, User Story approach - Description of the requirements from end user point of view
We give trainings in Paris - Bruxelles - London - Dublin - Zurich - Berlin - Sophia Antipolis