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Due to our know-how since 2005 on deployments in Scrum in international companies, our methodology is very pragmatic and very beneficial for the company. Contact us for more information.
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Our accompaniment covers the CMMI practices from level 2 to 5 according to your choice:
Level 2– Managed :
CM - Configuration Management
MA - Measurement and Analysis
PMC - Project Monitoring and Control
PP - Project Planning
PPQA - Process and Product Quality Assurance
REQM - Requirements Management
SAM - Supplier Agreement Management
Level 3 – Defined :
DAR - Decision Analysis and Resolution
IPM - Integrated Project Management
OPD - Organizational Process Definition
OPF - Organizational Process Focus
OT - Organizational Training
RD - Requirements Development
PI - Product Integration
RSKM - Risk Management
TS - Technical Solution
VAL - Validation
VER - Verification
Level 4 - Quantitatively Managed :
OPP - Organizational Process Performance
QPM - Quantitative Project Management
Level 5 – Optimizing :
CAR - Causal Analysis and Resolution
OPM - Organizational Performance Management
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